How risk averse compliance teams are literally ruining the world

With many years of supporting the financial services industry now under my forever-expanding belt, I have decided risk-averse compliance teams are contributing to the ruination of significant areas of the world. Not my compliance team at the excellent institution at which I work, of course: they walk the tightrope of ethical rectitude and commercial sensibility with grace, humour, and dashing good looks, as anyone who knows them will attest. I mean other compliance teams out there in the world of finance. Possibly yours, if anyone other than my curious co-workers are reading this.

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The Promise of RegTech

Evaluating Regulatory Risk Management in the financial industry to an effective business management practice

RegTech Is The New FinTech

How Agile Regulatory Technology Is Helping Firms Better Understand and Manage Their Risks

Blockchain gets real

Blockchain, or distributed ledger technology, is a transaction processing and settlement system where information about a transaction or an asset can be cryptographically digitized, stored and securely shared through a peer-to-peer network, allowing participants to transact without intermediaries while maintaining a secure encrypted audit trail.

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Bank Compliance - the Case for RegTech

The size and purpose of government – and regulation – has been debated ... well forever. On the one hand, we want markets, firms and individuals in these markets to act and move freely. On the other, if we do not regulate behavior, firms and individuals make decisions that might have detrimental effects on others, on firms and even markets.

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