Royal Gibraltar Police Guide to Basic Cyber Safety

Businesses and the general public are increasingly being targeted by cyber criminals using a variety of methods. Although this type of criminal actiity has been around for several years, the methods employed by criminals evolve constantly, with scams becoming increasingly sophistiated as we ourselves become wiser as to what is and isn’t legitiate. Gibraltar is not immune from the threat of cyber-crime, and in recent months, there has been an increase in the number & type of cyber-based and traditional scams targeting our community generally.

We believe that preventing through education is key, and so we’re delighted to bring you this information guide which we hope will assist in preventing you from becoming a victim of crime. This booklet looks at some of the main risks to our online activity, and describes most of the scams that have been targetting/contiue to target our community. We hope this information will increase your awareness, improve your understanding of how some scams work, and provide you with some basic tools that you can use to protect yourself/others online.


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