GACO Webinar, 11th of March - Going Paperless

16 February 2021

GACO invites you to a webinar on “going paperless”. The advantages of this have been apparent to us through lockdown and GACO has asked three speakers to give their views and also to enable you to ask your questions on the issues and benefits of creating and managing a paperless office.

Director of Specialist Regulation, Heidi Bocarisa, will be sharing the GFSC's perspective on operating in a paperless world, covering both its approach to methods used during onsites, as well as the change in the organisation’s culture since assimilating a paperless system.

Damien Andrews, Business Improvement Specialist at Dajon Data Management will give us an insight into the digital transformation journey, “it’s not a marathon, it’s a series of sprints” and talk about the process of moving from paper based systems to a digital working environment.

Chris Davis, Corporate and Commercial Associate at Triay & Triay will give a brief discussion understanding of some of the legal issues that need to be considered when going paperless with a focus on the shift from “wet-ink” signatures and its limitations.

Date: 11th March 2021
Time: 10.00am CET
Duration: 1.5hrs
Course fee: This course is for FREE!


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