GDPR Seminar Success at the Sunborn

After a couple of introductory words by the GACO Chairman, Carlos M. Martins, the GRA CEO kicked-off the session by dispelling the most common Myths around GDPR. The very interesting session was then continued by Bradley who delivered concise insights into the GDPR and how local players are supposed to transpose the regulations locally.

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Outcomes Joint FATF/GAFILAT Plenary, 1-3 November 2017

FATF President Mr. Santiago Otamendi and GAFILAT President Mr. Eugenio Curia, both from Argentina, chaired the first Plenary meeting of FATF-XXIX in Buenos Aires. This was a joint Plenary with GAFILAT, therefore all members of both organisations were able to participate in the meeting.

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UK Reporting Obligations and UK Taxation of Offshore Structures Seminar

GACO has successfully organised and conducted a seminar on UK Reporting Obligations and UK Taxation of Offshore Structures on the 15th of November 2017. Speakers at this interesting, well organised and highly entertaining event, were Caroline Le Jeune, Head of Private Clients and Fiona Fernie, Tax Dispute Resolution Partner, both at Blick Rothenberg UK.

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Authorised DLT Regulatory Framework from January 2018

As from the 1st January 2018, any firm carrying out by way of business, in or from within Gibraltar, the use of distributed ledger technology (DLT) for storing or transmitting value belonging to others (DLT activities), will need to be authorised by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission (GFSC) as a DLT provider. Firms seeking to apply are encouraged to speak to one of the local advisors as soon as possible.

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Launch of Project NEXUS

GCID/GFIU has officially in cooperation with GACO, GFSC, OFT, RGP, Gambling Division, HM Customs, Tax Office, Gibraltar Law Office and other stakeholders in Gibraltar launched on October 18, 2017 the Gibraltar Financial Intelligence Unit Outreach Program called Project NEXUS.

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2017 Basel Index Report Download

This is the sixth edition of the Basel Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Index developed by the Basel Institute on Governance. The Basel Institute published the Basel AML Index for the first time in 2012 and has since then been the only non-profit organisation to create a research-based ranking focusing on the risk of money laundering and terrorist financing.

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Crowdfunding models explained

Utilising the power of the collective to achieve challenging goals is not a new phenomenon, think the Longitude Prize in 1714 and the crowdsourced creation of the chronometer. However, in a contemporary sense, crowdfunding began gaining real traction in 2008/09 with the birth of reward-based platforms IndieGoGo and Kickstarter, the two US giants, in an industry that has raised more than £2 billion globally. This is a good place to start differentiating the platforms and six key business models I am choosing to focus on. These are reward-based, donation-based, micro-lending, peer-to-peer, peer-to-business and equity.

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