GACO Breakfast event together with Crypkit - 15th Nov

A toolkit for effective investment compliance, oversight and control of Crypto Currency investments.

If you, personally, or your clients have decided to get exposure to cryptocurrencies, you are probably asking yourself these questions:

• How do various blockchains work? How can we technologically track the balances, transactions and source of funds?
• As a fund or professional servicing the fund, how do I check the amounts custodied in cold wallets, vaults, crypto exchanges and ICOs at any time,
• To what degree can the stakeholders rely on the data,
• How to inspect the asset allocation and its compliance with investment strategy and security policies,
• What investment data should flow between funds, administrators, EiF directors, MLROs, banks, custodians, accountants and other stakeholders
• And how to make sure the accesses, credentials and data flows stay secure.

Whilst this might be an easy exercise if you or your clients are investing in more classical investment instruments as most of the banks and/or investment brokers will offer you such tools to monitor, review and track investments instantly at any moment in time, the same is more challenging in the virtual/crypto-currencies space.

GACO is therefore very pleased to organise this educational breakfast with Crypkit. In this educational breakfast session, Pavel Stehno from Cryptkit will explain the importance of investment compliance, oversight, control and risk-management of Crypto Currency investments and will show us various tools how you can perform said functions for your self or for your clients making sure that you can deal effectively with the in's and out's of this interesting and challenging asset class.

This breakfast event will be interesting for Compliance Officers, Portfolio managers, MLROs and other Senior Managers across the financial industry and gaming sector in Gibraltar as more and more of our clients are looking into investments or opportunities in the crypto space and we as service providers are wanting to keep pace with the same.

Speaker Profile

Pavel Stehno


Pavel has 10 years of experience in the Finance industry including 3 years of PwC M&A working with Private Equity clients such as Warburg Pincus, Advent International or Mid Europa Partners. In 2011 he transitioned to Gaming industry and moved to Gibraltar joining the booming business of, the world's biggest online poker affiliate. Since January 2013 Pavel has been serving as COO of, playing a central role in the sale of the company to Playtech Plc in July 2013 for $49.5m.

Pavel holds a MSc in Taxation and BA in Accounting and Financial management. He has been an active Angel Investor since 2011 working with interesting start-up teams from various industries. He has been investing in portfolio of cryptocurrencies and blockchain startups since first half of 2017. As a Lead investor in Crypkit he gained a great understanding of crypto technologies. Pavel´s financial background, business career and Crypto industry expertise allowed him to gain unique insights at the intersect of blockchain technology, regulatory best practices as well as entrepreneurship and business point of view.


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