GACO & Intelect Solutions - Internet Investigative Skills - Digital Due Diligence Program

GACO together with GII sucessfully organised and conducted a seminar with Intelect Solutions on Internet Investigative Skills - Digital Due Diligence Program, whereby Conlin Tansley MSc, M.A.B.I., showed the participants how to make their online searches more efficient and effective.

During 3 days, more than 70 participants attended the seminar that was delivered at the University of Gibraltar and learned how to perform open source searches on companies and individuals on a more targeted way in order to make sure that the search results are more relevant to their needs and requirements as Compliance Officers and/or MLRO's.

GACO received from the attendees a very positive feedback on the course and its content and there were attendants that would envisage even to attend in the future follow up seminars on the topic.

The course resources can be viewed and downloaded on the members only section of the site.

Member Benefits

✔ Latest compliance laws and regulations updates
✔ Certification and training
✔ 10% Discount on course and training costs
✔ 10% Discount for events and conferences
✔ Business Networking in Gibraltar
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Contact Information

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PO Box 1493, Gibraltar