GDPR Seminar Success at the Sunborn

After a couple of introductory words by the GACO Chairman, Carlos M. Martins, the GRA CEO kicked-off the session by dispelling the most common Myths around GDPR. The very interesting session was then continued by Bradley who delivered concise insights into the GDPR and how local players are supposed to transpose the regulations locally.

Almost all attendees coincided with the fact that this had been on of the most enjoyable, entertaining and practical seminars on GDPR delivered locally and specifically tailor-made to the needs of the local players.

Carlos M. Martins commented further: "GACO is very thankful to Paul and Bradley from the GRA that they made themselves available to deliver this well received presentation to the local players. It is reassuring to see that all stakeholders locally are working closely together to make sure that Gibraltar will fully comply with those international regulations and continue to be a jurisdiction of choice for international players that care about their reputation and security."

You will find a copy of the GRA presentations below:

GDPR Myths Presentation

GDPR Presentation

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