Launch of Project NEXUS

GCID/GFIU has officially in cooperation with GACO, GFSC, OFT, RGP, Gambling Division, HM Customs, Tax Office, Gibraltar Law Office and other stakeholders in Gibraltar launched on October 18, 2017 the Gibraltar Financial Intelligence Unit Outreach Program called Project NEXUS.

The main objectives of Project NEXUS are to develop a plan that supports reporting entities and the finance industry on matters that impact the fight against money laundering and terrorist finance, establishing clear lines of responsibilities between the various stakeholders, provide coherent range of support to the finance industry and all other economic sectors affected by money laundering and terrorist finance matters in order to improve the quality of the Suspicious Activity Reports, to enhance knowledge transfer by identifying the industry's needs and thereafter provide adequate training programs to fill the identified gaps as well as to continue to further strengthen and forge partnerships with the industry and among the various stakeholders.

As part of Project NEXUS GCID/GFIU will with the support of the various stakeholders involved in the project, provide monthly trainings on relevant subjects.

GACO will publish on their homepage the various presentation slides that include the some of the topics that will be covered accordingly.

A fully dedicated email has been created for Project NEXUS in order to collect industry feedback and suggestions. The email address is:

The mentor and brain behind Project NEXUS project is Edgar Lopez from GCID.

Carlos M. Martins - GACO Chairman commented: "This is an excellent jurisdiction wide initiative that will further foster the collaboration between all the stakeholders in Gibraltar, raise additionally the awareness and increase knowledge of all persons involved in matters related to the fight against AML/CFT. GACO is proud to be part of this initiative and to provide a platform to facilitate the Project NEXUS training sessions and support the GCID/GFIU with the logistics of the same."

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